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The InCanterbury App allows to you discover new and exciting local businesses faster and more easily than ever before.

Become part of the community or freshen up your life in the city. There is so much history and culture to uncover. Step away from the High Street and visit some of the quirkier and more delightful side-streets with their many independent shops, cafes and restaurants. Visit undiscovered businesses and see what lays in store.

Shop local, save money

Instant deals.
Right at your fingertips.

Receive offers from businesses and take the effort out of shopping using the perfect tool for everyone in Canterbury.

The unique, micro-targeting platform tailors the deal for you and in the current climate, any deal that allows us to save money on a listed price can make a big difference.

Stay up to date on local events

Your Event Space.

Be in the know of local events, whether that be the Farmer’s Market, or what’s going on today in Westgate Hall. You no longer have to wander around the City or spend time researching on the internet - all of the information you need will be in one place.

Stay connected and evolve with the City and your community

Why haven't I come across this app earlier?! The things I explored in the past week. Incredible!
Shelly Lorts
Local Resident
The deals are so good! Especially when you just moved from another country.
Natalie Aguilar
Former Student
This app is amazing! I use it every single day. I've visited so many new businesses
James Neave
Local Resident
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